Aging is a process that can cause many types of disruptions to our health. At Clear Sky Medical we have several services available to treat each person.

Restore Youth:

Our anti-aging treatments and medicine are designed to help you restore lost functions and feel stronger and more capable. Quality of life is very important, being able to socialize with friends and family, enjoy the outdoors and perform well at work all requires a holistic approach to your health.



Heart Health:

Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans. We offer Carotid Intima Media Thickness (CIMT) and nutritional experts to help you understand and work with your heart-related symptoms.

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Diabetes is a growing problem in all ages today, however as you become older you are more likely to get diabetes so it’s important to get help as soon as you can to slow or stop progression of the disease before it’s too late. Clear Sky Medical has been working with victims of diabetes since the beginning and continues to provide a multi-sided approach to help those in need.

Bio-identical Hormone Treatments:

Low estrogen or testosterone will have many effects on the body. These hormones are important for everything from muscle function to core bodily functions. Dr. Meier has lectured as an expert in bio-identical hormone treatments around the country and has helped hundreds of patients restore their youth and drive.

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VertVLaseGraphic-BlueCover-v2-Crp2V-Lase Feminine Treatments:

Cancer treatments, menopause and other conditions can cause a drop in estrogen levels which cause problems with urination, dryness, and pain. The V-Lase treatment series will create fast results and are minimally invasive.

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Age-related skin conditions:

Varicose veins, discolorations and wrinkles happen with age. We can help you deal with age related dermal problems, just talk with our experts and we can come up with a plan.

Menopause and the thyroid:

As we age hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances may develop. When these chemical levels are too low or high we may experience irritability, depression, hair loss, high blood pressure, anxiety and other full-body symptoms. Instead of just treating symptoms we investigate the full system for what is the root cause of your problems. Learn more here.

PRP Joint Treatments:

Whether recovering from an injury or treating age-related joint pain Clear Sky Medical offers Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments. Learn more here.

Hair Loss:

PRP Hair Restoration treatments are available at Clear Sky Medical, learn more >

Other Treatments:

See our page on BEMER and Alpha-Stim to learn more about these devices and their treatments that we use at Clear Sky Medical.


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