Family Medicine


We are a family practice with a unique, holistic approach to health – providing comprehensive care for the every member of the family.  We perform annual exams on children, adolescents and adults.  We treat patients for various health needs – from a simple cold to managing hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and depression.

Women may have their annual OB/GYN exam done at the same time as their regular physical exam – eliminating the need to visit different physicians.

We also love to see children and offer a variety of treatment options for the little ones including: nutrition, cold or infection and well-child checkups.  Homeopathy is our preferred treatment of choice for children especially, as it is gentle and causes fewer side effects than most conventional methods. However, we will write a script for medication if needed or if preferred by the parent. We foster informed consent to vaccinations and don’t bully any parent into this very personal and not risk free medical choice. We offer scripts for vaccines if desired by the parent.

We always strive to enhance our patients’ health by reversing disease and restoring health. Our goal is to alter the trend of prescribing more medication to prescribing less medication; implementing a natural, holistic approach to your family’s health care needs.

Dr. Katia Meier treats patients of all ages, however if you are over 40 you can benefit from her specialization in anti-aging medicine. She is an expert in bio-identical hormone treatments and operates a medical aesthetics program featuring non-toxic, non-invasive solutions. Feel free to ask more about what is possible at Clear Sky Medical.

For all medical services we do accept insurance, call your provider for details.

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