Dr. Katia Meier at Clear Sky Medical By Kristina Garner

When it comes to holistic health and wellness, Dr. Katia Meier believes in the power of a strong team. She has spent the last 10 years building her thriving practice at Clear Sky Medical with a crew of dedicated nutritionists, paramedical aestheticians, and a physician assistant by her side. “We work together to improve our patients’ health and well-being, enhance their beauty, and help them to feel their best. We want them to get the most out of life, at any age,” Dr. Meier declares.

Dr. Meier is passionate about each and every patient in her care. She believes that everyone deserves to feel and look their very best, and that the practice of medicine should go far beyond the “management of disease,” as she calls it. “I believe in doing everything I can to help those who are eager to improve their health.” She relates the story of a woman who came to her, exhausted and depressed. Despite current medication, she felt hopeless and resigned that “this was how she was going to feel forever,” Dr. Meier explains. “She had been told, more
or less, that because she was getting older, this was her ‘new normal.’ That is unacceptable to me.” Dr. Meier goes on to illustrate her dedication to finding solutions for her patients. “You have to take a very detailed look, give in-depth attention, to all aspects of their health,” she says. “Sometimes it takes a while to find what’s causing an imbalance. But, it is a process,” she explains. “It’s not an instant fix, and it takes dedication on the part of the patient as well.You have to put the work in to make the necessary changes. But if you hang in and stay the course, it will usually lead to success.”

It takes dedication to improvement and a holistic approach to wellness to operate the practice Dr. Meier has grown. Her patients come to her for many different reasons and receive treatment and therapies for everything from hormone rebalancing and adrenal fatigue to body contouring and facial rejuvenation. The strong team she has built is able to provide her patients with the services and attention they need to feel and look their best. She appreciates her team of paramedical aestheticians and their commitment to care, from consultation to therapy and beyond. “We are very passionate about delivering results.”

Dr. Meier excitedly shares information about the many lasers and treatments they have available for their patients, including the new Ultherapy device, which uses ultrasound technology to lift, tighten, and tone skin. “There’s no downtime,” she shares excitedly. “It stimulates the collagen under your skin to continue to work post-treatment.” She ensures post-therapy success with skin care products and makeup designed for skin that has been treated.

Dr. Meier and the team at Clear Sky Medical boast an impressive resume of satisfied patients. As Karen S. testifies, “Dr. Meier is a healer! She will put you on the road to well-being. I had suffered for 10 years and could not sleep. I had unexplained weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, and numerous other problems. After six months of seeing Dr. Meier, I have slept six to eight hours at night and gone from 165 to 135 pounds. Dr. Meier is a godsend to those who wish to heal and become healthy. With her assistance and guidance, you will.” Trisha K. says, “Dr. Meier, as well as her friendly and caring staff, has always gone above and beyond to empower me with cutting-edge information. I now understand how my body works and can take charge of my own health. I feel like she and her team are looking out for me.”

This kind of empowerment and confidence is exactly what Dr. Meier strives for in her patient relationships. Her extensive medical career has helped her to learn the intricate balance between all factors of health and wellness. After working in family practice with obstetrics for 8 years, in 2007, she opened a holistic medical practice where patients could count on affordable, thorough, and successful care. She has carefully assembled her staff to reflect her dreams for the practice and feels that each member is an invaluable part of the patient experience. “We are like family,” she shares.

For their name, she found inspiration in aviation terminology. “‘Clear sky’ means everything ahead is wide open,” she says. “We are an unobstructed path to your optimal health, wellness, and beauty.” Dr. Meier says she feels daily confirmation that she is on the right path. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” she concludes. “I love my job.”

Clear Sky Medical is located at Panorama Falls, 9085 East Mineral Circle, Suite 260, in Centennial. The clinic can be reached at 303-790-7860. For more information on the many services they provide, visit them online at www.clearskymedical.com.

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