Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments

Over the past 50 years research has improved our knowledge as to how and why we age. Hormones are the messengers between the different systems and organs in the body. Hormones regulate biochemical effects to help regulate body temperature, metabolism, reproduction, growth, aging and immune function. They instruct our internal organs on how to function. Men and women experience a drop in these life-sustaining hormones. The result is a decline in cellular function, repair, and cell reproduction. Biologically identical hormones can help you live longer with vitality and good health!

Choose the best doctor in the area:

Dr. Katia Meier has been an authority on bio-identical hormone therapy in the Denver area for years and her lectures on the subject have inspired other doctors to take on the practice. Dr. Meier has treated hundreds of patients and seen the life-changing results of her work.

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Dr. Katia Meier from Clear Sky Medical has been a leader in Bio-identical hormone treatments in the Western US.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance:

  • Decreased energy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased libido
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Dramatic mood swings
  • Hair loss
  • Skin changes
  • Hot flashes
  • and other symptoms

What are biologically identical hormones?

There are significant differences between bio-identical hormones and hormones regularly prescribed from major pharmaceutical companies.

Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical structure as hormones made by the human body. They are able to fully replicate natural human hormones and follow normal metabolic pathways so that essential active metabolites can be formed. Bio-identical hormones are compounded by specially trained pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical companies sometimes alter hormones chemically to resemble natural hormones so they can be patented and profitably mass-produced. This chemical alteration makes these kind of synthetic hormones unable to function like natural human hormones and they are not what the body is familiar with or needs. These foreign substances to our bodies can cause a wide array of health problems and side effects. Discover healthy aging and preserve an active and youthful lifestyle through biologically identical hormone therapy. Restore normal hormone levels to their youthful levels and reverse many of the symptoms and signs associated  with aging.

Thyroid: Regulator of metabolism, cerebral function, energy and temperature levels. Low thyroid levels cause an increase in cholesterol, heart disease, thinning hair, skin and nails, low energy, loss of motivation, depression, and fatigue.

DHEA: DHEA has a beneficial effect on the immune response, sex drive, emotional stability, modulation of stress hormones and powerful antioxidant. Health related benefits are support of cognitive function, stress response, protection against heart disease, through a positive effect on lipids and body fat.

Pregnenolone: Precursor to and necessary building block to DHEA and testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. Helps to improve mental clarity and function.

Testosterone: Increases bone density and formation, increases muscle tone and mass, enhances energy, sex drive, decreases body fat, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Estrogen and Progesterone: Essential for muscle tone, skin smoothness, hair and nail texture, and sex drive! It may deter osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease. Estrogen and progesterone balance each other out and work synergistically together to promote optimal health. Progesterone helps in stimulation of bone growth, healthy heart function and boost mood, healthy sleep pattern and well-being.

Human Growth Hormone: The most abundant hormone in youth. Promotes health and wellness.[/learn_more]

Melatonin: Regulates the circadian rhythm as well as stages of sleep. Your immune system is stimulated during these periods of deep rest. It was found to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer agent in the 1997 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

How to get started:

Get set up for an initial consultation and get your hormone levels tested. Based on these evaluations a formula for your optimal hormone replacement will be tailored to your needs. Testing will be re-assessed every 2-3 month for adjustment until your perfect regimen has been found. After that annual or semiannual visits are sufficient to keep your regimen perfectly tailored to your needs.

Clear Sky Medical believes in a holistic approach to comprehensive health and your personalized program will include a complete nutritional analysis with recommendations for appropriate dietary supplements exercise and nutritional guidelines to restore your quality of life to optimal levels.

This preventative medicine program is designed to help you feel, function and live your best while preventing age related decline in health.

Years of service and success:

“Thanks to Dr. Katia Meier’s expertise with hormone therapy and supplements, I am feeling healthy and enjoying my fifties.  Dr. Meier helped me transition from synthetic hormone to bio-identical hormone therapy.  She also helped identify nutritional supplements for my specific needs.  Once I began bio-identical hormone therapy, my body dropped two sizes and many pounds (back to my pre-menopausal weight and shape).  It’s great to feel and look great.”

– Jan M.

“Aging Sucks! One evolves from lovely, youthful, vibrant and beautiful to pain-filled, grumpy, and old. With questions came answers. Thyroid? Hormones? Genetic Markers? Diet? Supplements? But balance came! My body is now functioning like a finely tuned, pain-free instrument! HUGE!! Mentally, I am inspired and happy; and searching for new experiences with renewed joy and celebration of everyday life!”

– Etta Palmer (Toni)

We serve both men and women and would love to see you feel youthful, energetic and happy again. Please call us for a consultation: Tel: 303-790-7860

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