The professionals at Clear Sky Medical believe that health of both the body and mind are key to living your best. We see many patients every week of all ages and each person has a unique story and situation. We are committed to seeing your health improve over the long term using a multifaceted approach and personal care.

WaitingRoom500Our Mission: The professionals at Clear Sky Medical are committed to helping you live your best life.  Our unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction, professionalism, innovation and education is what sets us apart from other practices. We enlist unbiased evaluation of scientific research to benefit our patients’ well-being.  In doing so, we are able to reclaim, enhance and nurture health and beauty at every age.  We strive to provide the resources required to improve and ultimately sustain the overall health status of everyone we serve.

Dr. Katia Meier started Clear Sky Medical in 2007 with a commitment to holistic care. Over the years others have joined the team and you can see our team page here.

We’ve treated many patients from different walks of life, you can view our testimonials here.
For content and webpage credits click here. See our videos here.

This year Clear Sky Medical celebrates 10 years of service to the Denver area. We will host special events and coupons to celebrate, just check our Blog or Facebook for postings.


Services at Clear Sky Medical:

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