Thanks to Dr. Katia Meier’s expertise with hormone therapy and supplements, I am feeling healthy and enjoying my fifties.  Dr. Meier helped me transition from synthetic hormone to bio-identical hormone therapy.  She also helped identify nutritional supplements for my specific needs.  Once I began bio-identical hormone therapy, my body dropped two sizes and many pounds (back to my pre-menopausal weight and shape).  It’s great to feel and look great. Dr. Meier [also] provides excellent, comfortable injectable services.  She is skilled and kind – and her practice provides a full array of aesthetic services.  Life is more fun when you look your best.  Dr. Meier keeps my face looking restful and natural.  I am in my fifties and it’s a pleasure to look in the mirror.”

– Jan M.

“Dr. Meier is a healer!  She will put you on the road to wellbeing.  I had suffered [for] ten years and could not sleep, had unexplained weight gain, fatigue, joint pain and numerous other problems.  After 6 months of seeing Dr. Meier, I have slept 6-8 hours at night and gone from 165 to 135 pounds.  Dr. Meier is a godsend to those who wish to heal and become healthy with her assistance and guidance, you will.  Thanks Dr. Meier!”

– Karen S.

“I came here to Colorado 15 years ago from the East and had taken Fosamax before in New Jersey. I decided to change to bioidentical hormones and try research. By luck I found Dr. Meier and never looked back. I am now 75, lead a full life walking every day and am taking care of a 1 1/2 year old 4 days a week. The quality of my life at this age I am proud of and a large part is from my medical choices.”

–  Lynn M.

“I would like to commend Dr. Katia Meier and the staff at Clear Sky Medical.  I came to Dr. Meier with a potentially life threatening condition.  With her advice and nutritional support, much of the original problem has been either controlled or eliminated, as verified by follow-up blood tests.  For those interested in good health and quality nutritional supplements, you would be well-advised to check out Dr. Katia Meier at Clear Sky Medical.”

– Lowel B.

“Aging Sucks! One evolves from lovely, youthful, vibrant and beautiful to pain-filled, grumpy, and old. Then I walked through your doors – BRILLIANT ON MY PART! With faith in you and your knowledge, I walked the tight rope of re-balance over what felt like the Grand Abyss.  With questions came answers. Thyroid? Hormones? Genetic Markers? Diet? Supplements? But balance came! My body is now functioning like a finely tuned, pain-free instrument! HUGE!! Mentally, I am inspired and happy; and searching for new experiences with renewed joy and celebration of everyday life!

Then you preformed your miraculous CO-2 Laser! TA DA! Now I am looking as great as I feel! I will do more aesthetics with you in the near future! You know how to balance a natural look, while enhancing an aging body! Very important to me. The very most important gift you have given me and your practice is your willingness to educate yourself and your staff. Now you can educate and administer medicine as it should be; Bio-identical, Holistic, and Aesthetic! You have made accessible the link for a joyful, fulfilled life for the aging generation. Here’s to you, your very important staff and to “WELLGIVITY”!  Cheers and Thank you All from the bottom of my healthy heart!”

– Etta Palmer (Toni)

“I had my first appointment with Dr. Katia Meier on March 23, 2012. When I came to Dr. Meier, I was so very tired when I woke up in the morning and all throughout the day, and once I got home from work, all I could do was plunk down in my recliner and sit there watching TV unit was time for bed. No energy, no immunity—caught every “bug” that was going around at the office, knocking me off my feet and flat on my back…and one sinus infection right after the other. I was overweight with no energy to even make myself get over to the rec center for some exercise to try to do something about how I was feeling. At 63, I felt like I was downward-spiraling.

One year later, I’m totally re-energized and 24 pounds thinner I am so very encouraged and feel so much better since embracing [a] new way of thinking about hormones…the bio-identical ones…and following Dr. Meier’s plan. I truly feel that she’s pulled me back from an early grave.”

-Carol Brinson

“For many years, other doctors had me on many medications and I had no control over side effects and weight gain.  Dr. Meier took the time to look at blood tests and determined what medications I needed and what I needed to change.  Due to her medical knowledge, perseverance and commitment in treating me, I learned what my body was going through and what I needed to do to get myself healthy.  I lost a total of 90 pounds which included more exercise.

Dr. Meier not only improved my health, but has improved my looks through the use of Botox and Fillers.  By the way, she is the only doctor I trust to do this.  After my sister-in-law who lives in Arizona saw the “new me”, she flew to Denver just to see Dr. Meier and was very pleased with her results. I am very thankful Dr. Meier took the time to really care for me.  She has extended my life many, many years; in fact, I do believe she saved my life.”

– Mary

“I looked for a doctor like Dr. Katia Meier my whole life – I am thankful to have found her. What I like about Dr. Katia Meier is her close monitoring of hormone therapy. She doesn’t just prescribe and forget, she doesn’t just call you with blood work results, she always has a follow-up appointment to discuss your blood work and create a personalized health plan. Her focus for me has been to prevent sickness and obtain and maintain ultimate wellness. I appreciate being able to purchase natural supplements from her office. This is not only convenient, but now I am only purchasing what I actually need for my health plan. I am thankful to Dr. Katia Meier and her well-trained staff for putting me back on the road to wellbeing. As I continue to invest in my health, Clear Sky Medical is the cutting edge and forward thinking facility that I trust to guide me.”

– Kitty Brown

“Dr. Katia Meier and the staff at Clear Sky Medical are very pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and accommodating.  When you call the office manager…you receive a friendly greeting.  Everybody is very sincere and has compassion towards the patient’s needs.  I have numerous health problems [therefore], it is wonderful to speak to a doctor that is calm, patient, understanding and listens.  The environment is very clean, cheerful and friendly.  I am very pleased and satisfied with my care.”

– Charlotte

“Dr. Meier, as well as her friendly and helpful care staff have always gone above and beyond; empowering me with cutting-edge information. I now understand how my body works and can take charge of my own health…I also appreciate her careful research.

I trust Dr. Meier and believe that she possesses expert knowledge in the new science of anti-aging medicine.  Armed with information and understanding, I have been able to fight back to relieve and eliminate many of the symptoms that I looked to Dr. Meier to help me with. She has proven that she has the skills to help you optimize your quality of life and well-being. I feel like she and her team are looking out for me.”

– Trisha K.


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