Your route to ‘Well-Gevity’ starts with a visit to Clear Sky Medical

in Centennial, Colorado. Well-Gevity is the term that Dr. Katia Meier uses in her practice to describe the combination of wellness and longevity. It refers not only to prolonging life, but to a philosophy of aging well, having exceptional long-term health, and taking a proactive approach to staying healthy. Dr. Meier provides her patients with the tools necessary to understand how their bodies age and how to prevent illness.

A native of Germany, Dr. Meier received her medical degree from the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany and holds a degree from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. Additionally, she spent two years in Naturopathy School in Mannheim, Germany.She grew up watching and learning from her mother, a Naturopathic MD. After her Residency in Family Practice with Obstetrics in the United States, Dr. Meier again turned her focus to Holistic, Naturopathic and Anti-Aging Medicine. In 2007, she integrated this holistic approach with conventional medicine and opened Clear Sky Medical. Proving that a holistic approach to health is not only affordable, but also successful. In 2013, Dr. Meier became Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine to continue to promote health and Well-Gevity for her patients. Dr. Meier and her staff help to create a plan and put into action what is right for you.

Trish K., a patient of Dr. Meier’s, describes how she came to Clear Sky Medical. “ I found her at a time when
I was looking for a physician who provided primary care but also had a mindset of aging successfully. Dr. Meier works from a wellness model that you can be healthy, no matter what your age.” Trish stresses that the holistic focus is what keeps her at Clear Sky Medical. “Dr. Meier will tell you the truth. She is well educated about the products she promotes and will direct you in the best way to use them.” Trish also knows that it can be hard to find a doctor who makes you feel comfortable. “Your health can be a lonely journey. Not everyone is comfortable talking about health issues. Dr. Meier can help guide you on your way.”

At Clear Sky Medical, patients benefit from state- of-the-art aesthetic medical procedures and personally selected skin care products that are toxin-free, chemical- free and bio-active. The products include medical grade makeup, skin cleansers, toners, moisturizers, antioxidants, and chemical-free sunscreens. Dr. Meier can help you improve the look of aging skin and repair skin damage using these and similar products, as well as laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and fillers. She continues to do extensive research to find and select ‘professional- only’ products that are beneficial to your health.

Dr. Meier offers many innovative treatments, including a laser vaginal tightening procedure called V-Lase.“V-Lase,” Dr. Meier explains, “is proven to improve the symptoms of stress incontinence or urinary leakage. It can also restore physical sensation and enjoyment during intercourse. With the use of a hand-held laser wand, V-Lase stimulates and regenerates the vaginal tissue that has stretched after childbirth or fallen due to gravity. The process is surprisingly simple, is done without anesthesia, and is pain-free and scar-free. Most patients feel noticeable results within one to three treatments.”

When patient Kitty B. entered her 50’s, she was looking for a whole health doctor who implemented natural products into traditional care.“I found Dr. Meier to be very thorough and detailed in her diagnosis of my health,” Kitty shares. “ The bio-identical hormones that she has prescribed to me have changed my life. I now see her for all of my health care.”Kitty also has utilized the V-Lase procedure with great results. “It was a quick and painless solution and has made a world of difference for me.”

Dr. Meier opened Clear Sky Medical to focus on the overall health of her patients, and she provides everything from counseling on vitamins and supplements to the most effective procedures to improve your appearance and functionality. The nutrition therapy program can help you reset your metabolism, detoxify your body, and special testing allows you to know which foods to eliminate that can cause digestive problems, inflammation, fatigue, weight gain, and other health issues.

The latest beauty treatments are available at Clear Sky Medical, as well. Dr. Meier has vast experience with facial rejuvenation techniques, offering laser skin resurfacing, laser skin tightening, laser body shaping, and injectable rejuvenation therapies. She continues to study new advancements in all areas of medicine and incorporates them into her practice.

If you have reached the point where nothing seems to be working, Clear Sky Medical is the place to find out that you have many more options. Call 303-790-7860 or visit for more information or to schedule an appointment. Clear Sky Medical is located at 9085 East Mineral Circle, #260 in Centennial.

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