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Learn more about our nutritional program. Eat delicious natural foods and bring your body back into full swing. Photo courtesy of The Organic Dish in Boulder.

Try a Weight Loss Program That Works!

Your program starts with extensive testing to get the information we need to design a plan based on your body. The program may include genetic markers, in-depth hormone and thyroid testing, as well as insulin resistance testing. Your personalized program is guided by a doctor certified in anti-aging medicine who is specialized in cardiovascular and diabetes care, and a master nutritionist.

We are experts in cellular health, and we are here to help you all along your journey.

Weight gain is often a symptom of problems in the endocrine system, it’s important you have proper testing done. Your program stems from our specialized knowledge of the way the human body works at the cellular level.  Our expertise applies those natural laws to your individual needs. We assess Body Impedance Analysis, Body-Mass Index and other key markers often ignored when you step on the scale each morning to see how much you weigh. Success is managed by extensive follow-up measures and testing to monitor progress and adjust course as needed. We guide you with common sense, encouragement, and all of the delicious new recipes you desire.

Weight gain often is accompanied by depression, anxiety and other symptoms:

There are many things that drive us toward a less-than optimal diet. A less than optimal diet effects our endocrine system resulting in other mental symptoms. We may blame our eating habits on anxiety and simply “feeling hungry”, however there is a lot more to it than that. Imbalances in our neurotransmitters can cause us to crave chocolate, alcohol, sugar and other foods. Hormonal imbalances can effect our metabolism causing us to put on pounds easily. Blood sugar problems can cause us to crave sugars and starches to satisfy our crashing mental state. You may only see end symptoms, however a lot is going on underneath, and that’s why it’s important to see a doctor specialized in age-related imbalances. Many patients have experienced successful and dramatic weight loss as a result of bio-identical hormones, slight diet changes and supplements that rebalance your body. Imagine freedom from cravings, and eliminating feelings of fatigue and energy loss. Call us to book a consultation.

Lives Changed:

“One year later, I’m totally re-energized and 24 pounds thinner I am so very encouraged and feel so much better since embracing [a] new way of thinking about hormones…the bio-identical ones…and following Dr. Meier’s plan. I truly feel that she’s pulled me back from an early grave.”

-Carol Brinson

“I lost a total of 90 pounds which included more exercise. For many years, other doctors had me on many medications and I had no control over side effects and weight gain.
Dr. Meier not only improved my health, but has improved my looks through the use of Botox and Fillers.  By the way, she is the only doctor I trust to do this.  After my sister-in-law who lives in Arizona saw the “new me”, she flew to Denver just to see Dr. Meier and was very pleased with her results. I am very thankful Dr. Meier took the time to really care for me.  She has extended my life many, many years; in fact, I do believe she saved my life.”

– Mary


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