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Microorganisms live around us, on us, and within us! We have been taught that these tiny bugs are the enemies and should be feared. We live in a world full of hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps, and pasteurized foods, all in hopes that we do not come in contact with microbes that might cause disease. The truth is, not all microbes are bad guys. Beneficial microbes within the human gut keep pathogenic microbes at bay through competition, but they also play a significant role in maintaining a healthy body. They are necessary to the health of our digestive and immune systems and even produce essential nutrients required by the body. Our bodies contain trillions of microorganisms with the majority of them living within the intestinal tract, most of which should be beneficial to us.

Unfortunately, the modern western diet has shown to be detrimental to our intestinal microflora. Not only is it deficient in good sources of beneficial microbes to contribute to the intestinal microflora, but it also does not support the proliferation of these mandatory organisms. The modern diet also tends to lead to gut microflora imbalances that can cause problems within the digestive and immune systems and can lead to major health issues. With the help of fermented foods or a high quality probiotic supplement and a proper diet, maintaining healthy intestinal microflora can be achieved.

By Dr. Katia Meier. Clear Sky Medical

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