By Dr. Katia Meier

My patients have been asking me what to do about the new COVID-19 virus, which is certainly a situation that should be taken seriously. However, don’t panic, prepare! Worrying lowers your immune functions and won’t help you be safe.

Here is a little write up of what I am generally recommending for viral infections and what I would be personally using to protect myself and my family; if you wish to receive a more personally tailored recommendation for yourself, please call the office to ask for a phone consultation or an office visit.


A good functioning immune system is the single most determining factor of how well your body will withstand a possible coronavirus infection or any other viral infection for that matter.

Besides the obligatory Hygiene measures, here is what you can do to stay well during these challenging times:

  • Avoid sugar, sugar reduces your immune functions rapidly and for a while after each time you consume sugar. Avoid alcohol as it functions like sugar in your body and also lowers your immune functions.
  • Stop smoking. On a good note, there has never been a better time to quit this habit! If your lungs are already struggling due to smoke and tar deposits, they are more vulnerable to a respiratory virus and its complications including pneumonia. Please call us if you need help, we have a program that has been very successful in keeping you smoke free.
  • Eat lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Get lots of sleep, rest and exercise if you can, preferably in fresh air.

Supplements to boost your immune system:

Since your immune system is complex, the help it needs is also complex. There is not just one single magic ingredient, rather a well-orchestrated, high quality and properly dosed approach of several key elements which will make the difference!
Reports have shown that intravenous Vitamin C has been very helpful in recovering people from the corona virus and respiratory distress. Vit C can also be given as an intramuscular injection. We have both available in our practice.

Liposomal Vitamin C from Designs for Health is the next best thing to the injectable form. It can be used at home or while traveling to get high amounts of Vit C into your body effectively. The Liposomal technology allows for immediate bioavailability and intracellular delivery and is far superior to regular oral Vit C;
For more info and ordering:

Vit D 3: Vitamin D is essential for your immune functions, regular dosage in winter is 10.000 units daily and when infected you can take up to 50.0000 units daily for adults, I don’t recommend taking D3 without K2. 10.000 units D3 with K2 comes in one capsule from Designs for Health as the Vitamin D Ultra 10K, and adults may take one daily, and 4-5 daily when sick or exposed. For more info and ordering:

We have a liquid form for children where one drop delivers 1000 units of D3 combines with K2 and most kids need just 1-2 drops daily and when sick it may be given more often, call us for the Liquid D3 K2 for kids at 303-790-7860, it will be delivered from the office to your home address while supplies last.

Designs for Health also has a Liposomal Vit D available: this might be another liquid option for children or also adults who prefer the instantly bioavailable form. Each 0.5 ml serving of one pump delivers 2500 units of D3 and 325 mcg of K1 and K2. For more info and ordering:

Xcellent A from Xymogen, Vitamin A helps the cell wall to keep strong to inhibit a virus from entering the cell and it helps to reduce viral replication; Many viral infections are more severe in a Vitamin A deficient state, the most famous example is the measles. Vitamin A is essential for your body’s response to any viral infection.
In general, adults may take 1 caps daily for prevention, if sick or exposed: adults may take one 4 times/day until better.
For more info and ordering: REGISTER HERE FIRST >

WHOLESCRIPTS SITE HOME >: Use referral code: clearskymedical and the practitioners last name is: Meier

Immunitone Plus from Designs for Health: This Special Formula that is designed to support healthy immune system functions supporting the natural killer cell activities and the balance of Cytokines. Suitable also for long term use for all age groups. This is a perfect immune boosting cocktail in one capsule with Shiitake, Reishi, Cordyceps and Mitake mushrooms, Elderberry extract, Astragalus, Andrographis, Green Tea extract, Beta Glucan and other immune boosting ingredients. Adults may take 1 capsule daily for prevention or 2 capsules up to three times daily when exposed or sick. To order:

Immunoberry Liquid from Designs for Health is great for children and like the liquid version of Immunitone Plus, it contains Elderberry extract, Astragalus, Beta Glucan, Mitake and Shitake Mushrooms, Wild Cherry bark in an Immune boosting liquid cocktail, can be given straight or in tea, children may take one dropper full daily or several times/day when sick or exposed. For more info and ordering:

Liposomal Cat’s Claw from Designs for Health: This cat’s claw blend with monolaurine and lemon balm extract helps boost your body’s immune defenses against viral infections. Cat’s Claw is an herb from the Amazon that has been used extensively by South American Nations for its antiviral properties, for fighting inflammation and enhancement of the immune response helping the body to target the virus and limit its spread. The liposomal technology allows for immediate bioavailability and intracellular delivery.
Our recommended dosages for adults: Adults may leave 1-2 squirts under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing, 1-2 times daily, on the hour when sick. Children may take one squirt under the tongue daily, when sick one every 2 hours.

For more info and ordering:

ImmuBest: Most potent, highly concentrated and effective Beta 1,3-D Glucan Complex from Clear Sky Medical. Beta Glucans are potent immune modulators and immune activators to help your body fend off and prevent infection. They can make your immune system work smarter and more effectively. It’s a must for staying healthy.
Animal studies have shown a reduced severity and reduced mortality of influenza infections with Beta Glucans.ImmuBest delivers 500mg of Beta Glucans in one capsule.Our recommended dosage for adults: you may take 1 caps daily for prevention for adults, when exposed or feeling sick 2-3 caps twice daily. Call us to order: 303-790-7860

IG 26 DF from Xymogen: Supports passive immunity in the intestine by providing Immunoglobulins and immunoregulating factors that promote intestinal and systemic health and a balanced cytokine production. This is especially important if you already have gut challenges.
For more info and ordering: REGISTER HERE >WHOLESCRIPTS SITE HOME >: Use referral code: clearskymedical and the practitioners last name is: Meier

Silvercillin from Designs for Health: This is pure silver in a watery solution. Silver is naturally antimicrobial. Silvercillin solution can be used orally, as a spray for the mouth or nose and we also use it in the nebulizer for respiratory issues. Adults may take 1 teaspoon once daily, when sick several times per day. To order:

Andrographis Complex from Standard Process: An organically grown herbal complex including Holy Basil and Echinachea, that is specifically designed to help with acute respiratory infections of any sort. For more info and ordering: Adults May take 1 tablet daily or ore often as needed when sick. For more info and ordering: You will need to call the office registration code at 303-790-7860 or we can mail it to you from our office, or you can come in and get it here.

Liposomal Glutathione from Designs for Health; Glutathione has been shown to minimize the onset of oxidative stress and is needed in every cell throughout the body regulating the body’s immune response. Lymphocytes from healthy humans show optimal glutathione levels, low levels of Glutathione are associated with common illnesses and a weakened immune system. Building a strong defense against viruses is dependent on sufficient levels of this vital antioxidant in your body. We will have an injectable and intravenous form available in the practice, however the Liposomal version also allows for immediate bioavailability at home or while traveling and can give an instant boost to your body’s detox abilities. This should be given in the morning as it may increase your energy was well.
For more info and ordering:

Zink Supreme form Designs for Health. Zink as well as Selenium are micronutrients that are essential cofactors for the effective functioning of immune cells. Micronutrient deficiencies can increase rates of viral mutations which can lead to reinfections. Zinc Supreme™ is made with chelated minerals by Albion Advanced Nutrition, the leader in mineral technology for optimal purity and absorption. Adults may take 1 capsule daily. For more info and ordering:

Immuplex from Standard Process is a special Immune system supporting complex containing Zink, Selenium and all essential micronutrients your immune system requires as well as Thymus for a strong response against viral or bacterial infections. Our dosage recommendation for an adults: Adults may take 1-2 capsules daily for prevention or 2 three times/day when sick.
For more info and ordering: You will need to call the office registration code at 303-790-7860 or we can mail it to you from our office, or you can come in and get it here.

All ordering from our website has free shipping for Designs for Health and normally takes a 48 hour drop ship to your door, we will also be able to ship out of the office or you can come and pick it up yourself. We have been experiencing backorder and out of stock notifications, so all is while supplies last.

To deliver all these nutrients, vitamins as well as oxygen to every cell in your body and to optimize your immune functions by making the white blood cells move to where they need to go, optimal blood circulation on a microvascular level is essential. Please call us for a free session to boost your Micro-circulation for 12 hours in just 8 minutes! This session is also free with all IV infusions. We can send you more information per request.

I hope this helps you to be able to prepare yourself and your family. Remember we are always here for you if there is anything else that we can help you with to stay well!

In good health, Dr. Katia Meier, your natural M.D.

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