PRP Joint Treatments

Clear Sky Medical is a provider of Harvest Platelet Concentrate system for joint pain and healing. Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment is an incredible technology which has helped many patients reduce joint pain without surgery, using the body’s own natural healing mechanisms. PRP is used generally in three ways:

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Joint treatments:

Almost everyone has experienced severe joint pain. In many cases joint pain can be the result of osteoarthritis and other age-related conditions. The goal of PRP joint treatments is to reduce pain, improve joint function, slow or stop or repair damage.

For workplace damage: if you’ve worked with your knees, hips and spine over the years PRP treatments may be a way to repair damage and reduce pain.
For athletes and former athletes: PRP treatments have become popular for patellofemoral pain and IT band pain.

Is PRP joint treatments right for you?  Before going to more invasive surgery, talk to Dr. Meier about other options like PRP and our Master Nutritionist about weight loss ideas which also can reduce joint pain.

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Clear Sky Medical has been working with PRP technology serving the Denver metro area since 2007 and is a trusted source of both medical aesthetics and anti-aging treatments. Call us to book an appointment at: 303-790-7860

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