By Dawn Lefevre

Colorado is a healthy state full of active people. We have

countless ways to improve and maintain our physical health. Though it’s important to do all of the right things to stay healthy and youthful on the inside, you still may be unhappy with how you look on the outside. Dr. Katia Meier and her staff at Clear Sky Medical, PC, understand. At their Well Gevity and Aesthetics Center, they take a holistic, full-body approach to wellness and beauty. Living a healthy life isn’t just about what’s happening inside of our bodies; self- image and appearance also influence our quality of life.

With a painter’s eye for beauty and a sculptor’s hand for detail, Dr. Meier puts her passion for art into her practice. Just as an artist enhances the natural state of things, Dr. Meier enhances her patients’ own natural beauty. “I don’t want it to look like they had something done,” Dr. Meier explains. Her patients report that others notice how well-rested they look and often wonder if they have just come back from vacation. Non-surgical procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and injections, along with hormone replacement therapy and nutritional and diet modifications, usually provide optimal results and satisfaction.

Dr. Meier attended medical school in Germany and has been a physician since 1998. In 1999, she moved to the United States. In 2005, she was trained specifically in medical aesthetics including all injectables and laser skin rejuvenation. She is board certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and has operated her own practice here in Colorado since 2007.

“Finding Dr. Meier was like finding the golden needle in the haystack of life,” raves patient Leslie A. “I have a medical challenge that causes continuous muscle twisting and pain. Through the years, it has taken its toll on me, physically and mentally. A woman’s facial expressions and smile are important as encouragements to her each day as she looks in the mirror, as well as gifts that she shares with others when she communicates. I was becoming more and more aware of my condition showing in my facial muscles and features. “

“After some concentrated research,” Leslie continues, “I was led to Dr. Meier’s office to see what options might be available. Not only is Dr. Meier one of the most informed and diverse medical option providers that I have ever met, she is wonderful about meeting you where you are and encouraging you forward. When I walk into her office, I know that I matter. I know that I’m in a safe environment to seek and receive the kind of help that comes through an extremely competent, well-informed, and caring staff.”

Leslie isn’t the only satisfied patient whose life has been changed by visiting Clear Sky Medical. Mary M. has been seeing Dr. Meier for more than eight years. She first went to Clear Sky Medical when conventional doctors and conventional treatments weren’t getting her the results she wanted. “Dr. Meier is thorough in her approach,” Mary explains. “I wanted to feel good about myself as I aged. To be able to look into the mirror and not see yourself aging is amazing. It is truly amazing what she does. It’s easier to cope with aging when you don’t have to look at it,” Mary concludes. “I highly recommend her to everyone.”

Dr. Meier is also a huge research advocate and publisher. She often does her own research into product ingredients and procedures to stay on the cutting edge of anti-aging treatments. Sue L. benefited from Dr. Meier’s skills not only aesthetically but also through the weight loss that resulted from bio-identical hormone therapy and dietary changes. “I couldn’t have imagined how good and young I would feel. I feel 15 years younger. I have my mojo back!”

Clear Sky Medical offers a free 15-minute aesthetic consultation, during which patients can share what they’re hoping to achieve and Dr. Meier can explain what realistic options are available and what expectations the patient should have for success. Treatments generally last 20–60 minutes (treatment length varies depending on individual needs).

Costs are very competitive. Dr. Meier believes in a holistic approach, tending to the needs of the whole person. “We don’t just sell people an aggressive laser treatment,” she says. “I look at them and get a feel for what they really want, as well as consider their overall health condition. We discuss what’s realistic and what isn’t, to provide each patient with the best possible results.”

Clear Sky Medical is located in Centennial. For a complete list of services offered by Dr. Meier and her staff, call 303-790-7860 or visit

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