Health is sometimes the most important aspect determining our quality of life…and we miss it once it has gone.
‘Suddenly’ it seems, you find yourself with only half the energy you used to have, memory issues, lack of good sleep and irritability – you are being offered sleeping pills and antidepressants and age is often used as an excuse to explain your misery – though the real cause of what has actually ‘thrown a wrench’ into your once pristine well-being remains unrevealed and unaddressed.

Could you be suffering from a change in hormone status, sub-optimal thyroid functions, exposure to environmental toxins or mold that started a cascade of inflammation in your body? Few know that certain genetic traits can make you more susceptible to toxic exposures and make you ill while others remain unaffected. This can be true for Mold toxins or other environmental toxins.

Complete well-being can only be restored once the cause is remedied and removed from your life, and optimal functional status of all organs is restored. Of course, fixing the root cause takes longer than putting a band-aid on symptoms; a perfect picture of health is the result of many puzzle pieces artfully put together including optimal nutrition, Hormone restoration, detoxification and body support with supplements. The results are going to be worth the journey…and the only regret might be that you did not ask for help earlier to get to your optimal health and well-being.

– Katia Meier MD and the Clear Sky Medical Team

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