Many people want to stop or reverse the effects of aging using safe but effective treatments without the risk and downtime of going “under the knife.” At Clear Sky Medical, we have several options for non-invasive and no downtime treatments available, as well as skin care that is both toxin-free and active to help turn back the clock on the effects of aging.
The Dermapen and the Juvashape are both designed to stimulate collagen and elastin and instill the skin’s natural “repair response.” More and more, it is an alternative to face lifts as it helps reduce the signs of aging, saggy, tired-looking skin, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and large pore size, by harnessing the body’s inert powers to repair and heal itself. It can be used on all skin types and treatment typically requires no pain management or downtime.

The Dermapen fractional micro delivery provides unparalleled collagen induction via tiny needles into the dermis.
The JuVaShape technology is a focused radio frequency device (RF), that boasts the highest power and efficiency in the industry to date. It is great for tightening of lax skin, contouring and diminishing fat in chin, jowls and other unwanted areas. The JuVaShape also instills the body’s natural repair response, stimulating the production of collagen.
Want to know more about these treatments? Call Clear Sky Medical to schedule a complimentary consultation with Heather, our paramedical aesthetician, to discuss which method of treatment best suits your needs.

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