By Dr. Katia Meier

Cancer is not some foreign invader; cancer is a malfunction in your normal cell division process of your own cells. These cells exist in our bodies every day. Our healthy immune system destroys
 them. When, because of lifestyle choices (think food), emotional traumas, or excess toxins the number of these cells grows beyond what our immune system can handle, we “get” cancer.

To reverse the pathological cell physiology gently and in a non-toxic way, it helps to understand the nature of a cancer cell and its relationship to the body’s cellular mechanics.

All cancers have four characteristics: a weak immune system, low oxygen uptake by the cells, excess acidity, and excess toxins. A cancer cell is a cell whose oxygen intake had been reduced by more than 35%. Unfortunately, most conventional cancer treatments may make all four of these conditions worse and also may cause long-term damage to your organs. Battling cancer, the body’s resistance is already run down, so let’s introduce substances and nutrients which will have a direct healing and immune-enhancing effect. These more natural alternatives will focus on giving the body something that will immediately improve its healing capabilities.

Background: Dr. Katia Meier received her M.D. at Johannes Gutenberg University and the University of North Dakota. She is Board certified in Anti-aging medicine and specialty trained in hormone replacement therapy. She worked in the hospital setting for eight years before opening Clear Sky Medical in 2007.

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