Vital Therapy – Toxic Free Skin Care

Vital Therapy products are nutrient concentrated, with cutting edge synergistic activity that achieves results rapidly. This is achieved primarily through Peptides, which are chains of amino acids that are designed to penetrate the skin. Their function is to inform or communicate to our cells how to perform particular functions.

In addition, the exact isomer, or the “Chirally” correct form of nutrient is used, which is more effectively utilized by the skin, and each ingredient is hand-picked to add a healing component to the solutions.

Vital Therapy combines the freshest ingredients and essential oils to deliver clean products that are unparalleled in today’s skin care industry. All parabens, dyes and chemicals are excluded as they contaminate your skin and your overall health.

Vital Therapy is often combined with Microdermabrasion to allow better skin penetration. See the experts at Clear Sky Medical to learn about how Vital Therapy is best used to help your skin achieve a tighter and more youthful look.

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