Vivace Treatments at Clear Sky Medical

Clear Sky Medical offers Vivace fractional micro needle RF treatments from Aesthetics Biomedical. For over ten years Clear Sky Medical has been a provider of non-invasive medical aesthetics services in the Denver metro area, and this year we are happy to announce the addition of Vivace.

Vivace is an important part of facial skin treatment services at our clinic.

Actual Patient Testimonials Following The Vivace Experience:

“I had the Vivace Experience about a month ago and was thrilled! I’ve had other microneedling procedures before, but wasn’t sure what to expect with this device. The clinician asked me several times during the process to report my pain level between 1 and 5. Repeatedly I had difficulty answering because most of the time I wasn’t feeling anything that I would label as “pain,” despite the fact that she had put the machine on its maximum settings. Immediately following the treatment, I went out to dinner (without makeup) and friends were commenting on how great my skin looked. In the weeks since, I’ve noted positive changes and feel that the benefits of the Vivace seem to be much greater than what I’ve experienced in the past with regular microneedling.” – Deborah Faucher, Marketing Professional

“I have been fastidious about my complexion for many years. I’ve tried all manner of lotions, potions, creams, cleansers and such. Then I discovered the miracle machine, the Vivace. Thirty minutes of Vivace treatment followed by the recommended post treatment products called The Experience has given me weeks of youthful, glowing skin. It all happened so fast, too. About 30 minutes after my treatment, I was having lunch on a restaurant patio. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at my driver’s license photo. Even my granddaughters are jealous. I will use Vivace again and again.” – Elizabeth Ramos, Teacher

Combination treatments:

Dr. Meier and our staff have been treating patients for years with all skin types and  special concerns. We offer corrective treatment packages which are tailored just for you. Combine a microdermabrasion or fractional micro needling treatment and a peel to receive the ultimate care. Microdermabrasion gently exfoliates off the dry outermost layers of skin, allowing the peel, peptide or moisturizing lotions to better penetrate the skin. Also you can combine Vivace with Procell.


Clear Sky Medical also offers facials, dermapen and CO2 Fractional Laser treatments. Call us for a free aesthetics consultation at 303-790-7860.

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