While many restaurants claim to have a healthy selection it is still difficult to find a truly organic restaurant in the Denver area. We decided to speak with Dan and Drew Sorrells who run one of the of longest-running organic restaurants in the area about the importance of non-GMO foods and some of their dishes.

Why Organic?

600Rub Chicken

The Spice Rub Chicken is a brightly flavored dish with peas and spices such as fennel, cardamom and cumin.

Since the 1950s there has been a dramatic rise in use of processed foods in the US and much of our population is dependent on this fast, cheap and convenient food. The general public has known that ethics has always been an issue in mass food production since 1906, when Upton Sinclair published “The Jungle”. Unethical practices continue today and many of us are now aware of the mistakes of past generations and seek to improve our overall health. Dan Sorrells of “The Organic Dish” enjoys working with organic non-GMO food simply because it’s good for our environment, air quality, water systems and our own body systems.

When many of us think of going organic we imagine having to work hard above the stove preparing our meals, however eating organic doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of work. Co-owner Drew Sorrells told us that the restaurant was founded by a women who had the need for ready-to-cook meals. “The Organic Dish” has since made a big impact in helping busy families eat better. They offer meals at the restaurant, meal kits for pickup and even delivery of cooked meals for the entire family. While based in Boulder they are able to deliver along the E470 corridor as far south as Highlands Ranch.

Organic is good for diabetics, cancer patients and others with special needs:

Processed foods are a minefield for those with special needs. Whether you have a gluten sensitivity or are recovering from surgery its tough to stroll through the grocery market and quickly find what you need. The rise in availability of organic foods in Costco and King Super has helped many craft a great meal, but for some of us it’s hard to find the time to prepare a full meal, that is where “The Organic Dish” comes in.

The Sorrells have developed a process for serving those with special needs. For new mothers they have meals which are low in spice, high in protein and low in sugar. Other customers include vegan and paleo diet customers who have their own needs. Some customers are recovering from broken bones and love the convenience of having prepared meals which cater to their nutritional needs.



The Crockpot Dijon with Sweet Potatoes features leeks, carrots, mustard, white wine, and green lentils in an amazing combination of flavors.

Great-tasting non-GMO veggies, grass-fed beef, pork and chicken are all part of the menu at the Organic Dish. Dan uses the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch list as well as a few other tools to get the best quality fish possible. He mentioned in our interview that when you use quality beef, the marrow makes for superior flavor in a bone broth.

Many Clear Sky Medical patients have specific dietary needs and restaurants like this can really help us stay on the path to a better quality of life. Check out the latest in healthy dishes in the monthly menu on “The Organic Dish” website or stop by at their Boulder location.

Nutritional therapy to help you be the best you can be!

If you would like help with your diet you can see our nutritionists Cynthia Dalton and Gretchen Muehlnickel. Clear Sky Medical promotes nutritional therapy as one of the key ingredients to looking and feeling your best. Click here to learn more about our nutritional services or call us at (303) 790-7890.
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