THANKS to everyone for attending the one Year Anniversary of Bringing You the V-Lase!
This new treatment is sweeping the nation, allowing women to take care of their feminine issues – free of pain and surgery!
This is made possible through laser stimulation of natural collagen growth in and around the vaginal area. We are passionate about your health and your well-being and in honor of our V-Lase one year anniversary, we had a presentation on:
Thursday, October 20th, 2016. 4-5 pm
We highly encourage you to think about V-Lase if you or someone you know suffers from:
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Irritation and painful incontinence
  • Vaginal elasticity and loss of tone
  • Pain with intercourse or lack of gratification
Our patients have been so pleased with this new, innovative, groundbreaking procedure that we want to share this with you again.
The V-Lase is a pain-free, no downtime procedure that takes care of most feminine issues in just in 3 simple sessions – the treatment is similar to a routine pap smear. The results are astounding. All of our patients have reported improvement, ranging on average between 70-100%, including being completely free of any urinary stress incontinence, regaining gratification and no longer experiencing pain with intercourse.
Join us for this informative event and take the opportunity to meet our new aesthetician, Bianca. A courtesy fee of $10 is requested to hold your spot, the amount of which can be applied to any purchase that night.
Please don’t wait another day living with bothersome symptoms that can be taken care of naturally by laser collagen stimulation therapy! Register below or call us at the clinic 303.790.7890 to learn more!

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