Vaginal atrophy is a common condition caused by menopause and cancer treatments. Many doctors have moved to laser treatments as an option for women suffering from the effects of the condition which include dryness, urinary incontinence and pain during intercourse. Laser Vaginal Tightening (LVT) is an easier option than going to a plastic surgeon for invasive methods.

How does V-Lase and other forms of LVT work?

Diagram of pelvic area

Urinary stress incontinence: This condition is very common and results in involuntary release of urine during any activity that puts stress on the bladder area. Laughing, coughing, sneezing and lifting heavy things can all cause an embarrassing release of urine. This condition is caused by the weakening of the pelvic muscles due to low estrogen levels. These key muscles support your bladder and control the release of urine.

Laser energy pulses delivered to vaginal tissue heat the collagen within. Collagen immediately contracts under the heat and it’s fibers become shorter and thicker. The stimulation of the collagen results in neocollagenesis which means that new collagen enriches the vaginal tissue. The tissue becomes tighter, younger and more elastic.

Collagen is a protein that keeps our bodies young and resilient. This long fibrous structure is what keeps tendons, ligaments and skin together and it is found in all parts of our body. Collagen has great tensile strength and is used to keep our veins strong and cartilage semi-rigid. The role of collagen is important in keeping our skin tight, and so researchers have developed laser treatments that stimulate collagen on key parts of our body including the face. Clear Sky Medical has offered micro fractional CO2 laser treatments and JuvaShape treatments for years and it seemed natural for us to offer the same technology to treat vaginal atrophy.

Vaginoplasty vs. V-Lase

In vaginoplasty surgeons work with the muscles and material under the skin to cut and rearrange vaginal and peripheral tissue. Typically it costs $ 4,500 to 11,000 for a vaginoplasty. If you do choose a vaginoplasty it’s important to choose a good surgeon as there are plenty of horror stories involving low-cost procedures. The advantage of vaginoplasty is that after the initial pain and long recovery time you will have lasting effects. We find that most customers however prefer V-Lase (LVT) as there is no downtime, no pain and its a great solution for women who want to spend dramatically less than on surgery. For professional women or busy mothers who cannot afford the downtime of surgery V-Lase has worked well.

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