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Clear Sky Medical is a holistic primary care and healthy aging clinic, working at the leading edge of medicine. We offer a unique fusion of advanced anti-aging medicine, including surgery-free medical aesthetics and holistic, functional medicine, as well as family medicine and FAA physicals. Depending on a patient’s needs, our practice utilizes bio-identical hormone therapy, advanced testing and therapies for thyroid and adrenals, nutrition counseling, and cardiovascular wellness. In addition, we utilize the full scope of homeopathy, herbal medicine, and nutritional support to achieve your goal of total health and wellness.

Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-Identical Hormones

Hormones play an important role in our bodies, accounting for much of our well-being and overall health.

Skin Care

Bio-Identical Hormones

Our goal is to provide clean, toxic-free skin care products and services that are truly effective.


Bio-Identical Hormones

Our Clear Sky Medical team stresses the importance of integrating nutritional therapy into the healing process.

Are you ready for a new approach to health care—based in traditional medical science, but offering advanced alternative options proven to work? Excellent! We can help. Whether you are in good health now and want to work preventively to keep it that way or have issues that need a fresh approach to treatment, we invite you to come for a consultation and discover a new path to optimum health and beauty. We are here to answer your questions about hormone imbalance, weight loss methods, skin care and nutrition. It is our objective to help you look and feel your best at any age.

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Dr. Meier is a healer! She will put you on the road to wellbeing. I had suffered for ten years and could not sleep, had unexplained weight gain, fatigue, joint pain and numerous other problems. After 6 months of seeing Dr. Meier, I have slept 6-8 hours at night and gone from 165 to 135 pounds...

Karen S.

Thanks to Dr. Katia Meier’s expertise with hormone therapy and supplements, I am feeling healthy and enjoying my fifties...She is skilled and kind – and her practice provides a full array of aesthetic services...

Jan M

I am thankful to Dr. Katia Meier and her well trained staff for putting me back on the road to wellbeing. As I continue to invest in my health, Clear Sky Medical is the cutting edge and forward thinking facility that I trust to guide me...

Kitty Brown

...One year later, I'm totally re-energized and 24 pounds thinner. I am so very encouraged and feel so much better since embracing the bio-identical hormones and Dr. Meier’s plan. I truly feel that she’s pulled me back from an early grave...

Carol Brinson

I would like to commend Dr. Katia Meier and the staff at Clear Sky Medical. I came to Dr. Meier with a potentially life threatening condition. With her advice and nutritional support, much of the original problem has been either controlled or eliminated...

Lowel B.

For many years, other doctors had me on many medications and I had no control over side effects and weight gain...I am very thankful Dr. Meier took the time to really care for me. She has extended my life many, many years; in fact, I do believe she saved my life...


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